Children’s Day

With the pandemic affecting the whole world this year, we sought to teach children about being grateful. Instead of merely just receiving gifts and celebrating Children’s Day as before, we wanted the children to appreciate the time they had with their friends.

Prior to the actual day, the teachers invited children to create and decorate the Children’s Day banner by themselves. They were given the chance to choose the colour and materials they want to decorate the banner with. This activity allowed them to build teamwork and camaraderie as they came together and set up the area. The children enjoyed the activity throughout and took great pride in it upon completion.

On Children’s Day, the teachers planned activities such as Music & Movement and Story Telling to introduce to children why we celebrate the day. The children also got to prepare their own healthy meal for that day and bring it home to share with their family as a way for them to thank their parents who always prepared good food for them and to learn the beauty of sharing and value family bonding.

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