National Day 2021

Patriotism should be cultivated at an early age. As we often teach our children about themselves, their family members, they should know about the place they were born and the country they are currently living in. National Day should not be seen as merely another public holiday. It is a day that represents more than just the celebration of independence. Celebrating Merdeka is, in essence, a festival of how far we have come as Malaysians.

On 30 August, Sand and Stars Kindergarten (SNS) held a Virtual National Day Celebration on the Zoom platform. This celebration aims to educate our children about National Day, foster patriotism, and emphasise the significance of unity and social responsibility among Malaysians.

This National Day is a great opportunity to remind our children to love and respect each other. The love of the country was not limited to just raising the Jalur Gemilang and could also be expressed in many different ways. Hence, children in Sand and Stars Kindergarten did two exciting activities together – Word Searching and Flag Colouring, with the teachers to express their love towards Malaysia!

National Day celebration is significant to be celebrated by Malaysians, particularly young students. This celebration helped the children understand the importance of freedom, where the entire nation united under one flag. Although our students are from diverse backgrounds, it is essential that they feel a sense of belonging and inclusion living in Malaysia.

Teachers at Sand and Stars Kindergarten believe that building unity begins in the classroom, where efforts are made to instil values of unity and love.

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