Mother’s Day 2021

The essence of motherhood is raising a child through birth and assisting the child in growing into an adult. It is a challenge for every mother to experience many hardships in the process. Mother’s Day honours the connection of love and affection that exists between a mother and her child, as well as the spirit of motherhood. To celebrate the same bond of affection and love, Sand and Stars Kindergarten celebrated Mother’s Day with a lot of emotions and joy.

The enthusiastic and adorable Sand and Stars children celebrated this most special day with fun art and craft activities. Gratitude, appreciation and acknowledgement could be seen as the little ones dedicated a special hand-made flower to their mothers. A hand-crafted flower pot is one of the most meaningful gifts a child can give to their mother. It certainly brightened their mother’s mood!

Showering cards or flowers are certainly appreciated by mothers, but they would be even happier to be loved, cared and respected for their selfless efforts as well. It is important to educate the children about Mother’s Day celebrations so that they can be more appreciative of their moms’ affection. Mother’s Day also teaches children to be thankful and encourages them to appreciate their moms at all times for the sacrifices they have made.

This celebration taught the children to express their sincere thanks to their moms. It also helped them to develop the skills of communicating heartfelt, emotional feelings to a loved one, particularly to their mother. To many more exciting projects for Mother’s Day celebrations in the upcoming years!

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