Mooncake Festival

We organized a Mid-Autumn Festival & Open Day to celebrate the cultural festival together with the children, parents and residents staying nearby, in order to build up the community  bonding between the school, the children, parents and the residents of the community circle.

We came up with the idea of introducing the beautiful legendary stories of Chang Er & Jade Rabbit through a video clip, decoration and role playing. The event was a success with the support of everyone. To introduce Mid-Autumn Festival through fun activities, we set up stations such as Mooncake Making, Lantern Decoration, Archery Station (reflecting the story of Hou Yi & Chang Er, After completing all these stations, the participants get to redeem a bunny balloon (signifying the Jade Rabbit).

The festival celebration ended with lighting the lantern and having a parade walk, serving the purpose of lighting the way as friends and family stay up to appreciate the full moon late into the night. The night was extra beautiful that night after witnessing the teamwork  of a collaboration between Stellar Education Group members.

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